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Anton Glieder

Closed projects
Aleksandra Andryushkova: Fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe as a screening system to discover industrial enzymes
Maria Freigassner: Alternative oxidases: Elucidation of structural and functional differences between plants and fungi
Laura Näätsaari: Enzymatic characterization of HRP and variants thereof
Martina Geier: Engineering of Oxidoreductases
Florian Krainer: Expression and characterization of plant peroxidase isoenzymes
Thomas Vogl: Synthetic biology to improve protein expression in Pichia pastoris

Further Information
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Anton Glieder
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
Technische Universitšt Graz
Petersgasse 14
8010 Graz

e-Mail: glieder@glieder.com
phone: +43 316 873 9300
fax: +43 316 873 4071

Enzyme and Host Cell Engineering

A. Glieder's current research interests are focused on two main topics: (i) the engineering of proteins towards improved fitness for industrial or therapeutic application, and (ii) using systems biology and metabolic engineering to improve the physiology of expression strains to enhance production of proteins as well as primary and secondary metabolites. In addition to the application-oriented engineering of proteins, evolutionary engineering techniques are attractive for clarifying the structure-function relationship of enzymes and their cellular functions.

Laboratory know-how and infrastructure

Protein engineering methods are used routinely in A. Glieder's laboratory for rational design as well as for random generation of large libraries of individual variants of industrial enzymes from prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Enzyme assays in a high throughput format are well established for many different enzyme families allowing qualitative analysis on a colony level as well as paralleled kinetic analysis of large numbers of enzyme variants. High throughput LC-MS based analytics was established for screenings using unmodified target substrates instead of surrogate substrates. Special know how and proprietary tools for efficient protein expression and engineering employing Pichia pastoris were developed.

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