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Christoph Göbl (finished 2012)

Structural studies of membrane-bound toxin-antitoxin systems by NMR spectroscopy

Thesis Committee
Klaus Zangger (Supervisor)
Monika Oberer
Rolf Breinbauer

Further Information
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  Christoph Göbl
Institute of Chemistry
Karl Franzens Universität Graz
Heinrichstrasse 28
8010 Graz

e-Mail: christoph.goebl@uni-graz.at
phone: tel: +43 316 380 5325
fax: fax: +43 316 380 9840
web: http://www.uni-graz.at/klaus.zangger


Curriculum vitae

Born in Austria
External DK student, selected through DK hearing 2008, starting date: 15.10.2008


2008 - 2012 PhD Program DK Molecular Enzmology, University of Graz, Austria
2003 - 2008 Master's degree in Chemistry at the University of Graz

Research Stay

10/2010 - 10/2011 NHLBI, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA

Posters and Oral Presentations

06/2012 EMBO course, Structural Characterization of Macromolecular Complexes, Grenoble, France
05/2012 Graduate Seminar 2012 DK Molecular Enzymology, Graz, Austria
04/2012 2. Austrian NMR Workshop, Linz, Austria
09/2010 C.E.U.M. 2010, 12th Central and Eastern European NMR Symposion, Graz, Austria
09/2011 NHLBI, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA
08/2010 ICMRBS, Cairns, Australia
07/2010 Euromar and ISMAR Conference, Florence, Italy
04/2010 Graduate Seminar 2010 DK Molecular Enzymology, Loipersdorf, Austria
02/2010 DOC scholarship award, Vienna, Austria
07/2009 EMBO course, Structure, dynamics and function of bio-macromolecules by solution
05/2009 Graduate Seminar 2009 DK Molecular Enzymology, Graz, Austria
02/2009 MMCE - Magnetic Moments in Central Europe, Otocec, Slovenia
10/2008 NMR-Life Advances in NMR of protein and nucleic acid molecular recognition, Murnau, Germany

Professional Experience

05/2007 Institute of Chemistry, University of Graz
09/2007 NMR Summer School, Niederöblarn, Austria
12/2005 - 12/2006  Research Assistant at the Institute of Chemistry, University of Graz
07/2005 - 08/2005 Institute of Chemistry, University of Graz

Teaching Activities

WS07/08 Tutor in Molecular Analytics and Spectroscopy
WS07/08 Tutor in NMR of biomolecules


06/2010 60th Nobel Laureate Meeting, Lindau, Austria (link)
2010 Recipient of a DOC-fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
2009 PhD student price of the Institute of Chemistry

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