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Alexandra Binter (finished 2011)

Enzymes of Nikkomycin Biosynthesis

Thesis Committee
Peter Macheroux (Supervisor)
Karl Gruber
Anton Glieder
Kurt Faber

Further Information
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  Alexandra Binter
Institue of Biochemistry
Technische Universitšt Graz
Petersgasse 12/2
8010 Graz

e-Mail: alexandra.binter@tugraz.at
phone: +43 316 873 6464
fax: +43 316 873 6952
web: http://www.biochemistry.tugraz.at


Curriculum vitae

Born in Austria
External DK student, selected through SFB LIPOTOX hearing 2007, starting date: 1.10.2007


2004 -2007 Studies of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Food Chemistry (F809) at University of Technology, Graz
2001 -2004 Undergraduate Education, study of Technical Chemistry at the University of Technology, Graz

Posters and Oral Presentations

07/2011  3rd International Conference on Cofactors, Turku, Finland
07/2010 Trends in Enzymology, Ascona, Switzerland
04/2010 Graduate Seminar 2010 DK Molecular Enzymology, Graz, Austria
05/2009 Graduate Seminar 2009 DK Molecular Enzymology, Graz, Austria
06/ 2008 Gordon Research Conference on Iron-Sulfur Enzymes, New London, USA
07/ 2007 FEBS congress Molecular Machines, Vienna, Austria

Professional Experiences

07/2006 Department of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, University of Technology, Graz
09/2005 - 06/2006 Studies at Universidad de Sevilla, Seville, Spain
06/2005 - 08/2005 Summer School at Syracus University, Syracuse, NY
07/2004 Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Technology, Graz

2003 Excellent student scholarship Natural science Faculty, Technical University of Graz

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