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Barbara Ueberbacher (finished 2009)

Enzyme-Catalyzed Cascade-Reactions

Thesis Committee
Kurt Faber (Supervisor)
Herfried Griengl
Karl Gruber
Peter Macheroux

Further Information
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  Barbara Ueberbacher
Institute of Chemistry
Karl Franzens Universität Graz
Heinrichstrasse 28
8010 Graz

e-Mail: barbara.ueberbacher@stud.uni-graz.at
phone: +43 316 380 8639
fax: +43 316 873 9840
web: http://borgc185.kfunigraz.ac.at


Curriculum vitae

Born in Austria
Internal DK student, selected through DK hearing 2005, starting date: 1.6.2005

Current position

08/2009- Krems Chemie, Krems, Austria


1999 - 2005 Master's degree in chemistry, University of Graz, Austria
2005 - 2009 PhD program DK Molecular Enzymology, University of Graz, Austria

Research stay

03/08 - 09/08 Professor Peter Leadlay, FRS FRSC, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK

Posters and Oral presentations

07/2005 7th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Biotransformations, Delft (Netherlands)
08/2005 Frontiers in Chemical Biology: Mechanistic Enzymology and Biocatalysis, Exeter (UK)
04/2006 Multistep Enzyme Catalysed Processes MECP, Graz (Austria)
05/2006 Graduate seminar 2006 DK Molecular Enzymology
09/2006 3rd International Congress on Biocatalysis, Hamburg (Germany)
04/2007 Symposium: Organic Chemistry, Present and Future; Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
05/2007 Graduate seminar 2007 DK Molecular Enzymology
Au09/2008 International Congress on Biocatalysis, Hamburg, Germany (Poster Prize)
02/2009 DocDay NAWI Graz Docoral School Molecualr Biosciences and Biotechnology

Professional Experience

07/2001 Federal Research Institute for alpine Regions (Irdning, Austria)
02/2002 SFB Applied Biocatalysis (Graz, Austria )
04/2002 SFB Applied Biocatalysis (Graz, Austria)
08/2003 Reseach Center Applied Biocatalysis (Graz, Austria)


06/999 school leaving examination “with excellence”

Teaching Activities

SS06 Tutorium, VO Grundlagen der Organsichen Chemie
WS07 Tutorium, VO Grundlagen der Organischen Chemie

Functions within the DK

2005/2006 Organizer of the DK “Literature Seminar”

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