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Marta Sut (finished 2009)

Mechanism of helicase loading at oriT

Thesis Committee
Ellen L. Zechner (Supervisor)
Bernhard-Michael Mayer
Rudolf Zechner
Walter Keller

Further Information
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  Marta Sut


Curriculum vitae

Born in Poland
Internal DK student, selected through DK hearing 2005, starting date: 5.9.2005

Current position

07/2009 -  Project leader, Annikki GmbH, Graz, Austria


1999 - 2004 Master's degree in Biotechnology and Food Science, Technical University of Lodz (Poland)
2005 - 2009 PhD program DK Molecular Enzymology, University of Graz, Austria

Posters and Oral presentations

02/2006 "ASM Conference on Mobile DNA", Banff, Alberta, Canada
05/2006  Graduate seminar 2006 DK Molecular Enzymology
02/2007 "Hands-on Winterschool and the Linz Winterworkshop", Linz, Austria
02/2007 "Isothermal titration calorimetry and its applications for biological systems", Graz, Austria
05/2007  Graduate seminar 2007 DK Molecular Enzymology
07/2008 Graduate Semniar 2008 DK Molecular Enzymology, Graz, Austria
08/2008 International Plasmid Biology Conference, Gdansk, Poland

Professional Experience

02/02 - 07/02 University of Basque Country (Universidad del Pais Vasco), Bilbao (Spain)
06/2003 BTL ltd. Enzyme and peptones Corporation, Lodz (Poland)
08/04 - 05/05 Biological Science Research Laboratory at Kao Corporation, Tochigi Research Laboratories, Tochigi (Japan)

Functions within the DK

2007/2008 Organizer for DK “Guest Lecturer Series” and Literature Seminar

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