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Stefan Etzl (finished 2018)

Structural and biochemical characterization of light-activated cyclases

Thesis Committee
Peter Macheroux (Supervisor)
Andreas Winkler

Further Information
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  Stefan Etzl
Institute of Biochemistry
Technische Universität Graz


Curriculum vitae

Born in Austria
External DK student, selected through DK hearing 2015, starting date: 26.05.2015


05/2015 - 12/2018  PhD program DK Molecular Enzymology, University of Graz, Austria
2012 - 2015 Master of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedical Sciences, University of Technology, Graz
2009 - 2012 Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology, University of Technology, Graz

Professional Experience

08/2012 - 03/2014 ACIB GmbH, Graz

Teaching activities

2017 Assistant in biochemistry course “LU aus Biochemie II”, Graz University of Technology
2014 - 2015 Teaching assistant for crystal structure determination in “Molekulare Analytik und Spektroskopie”, University of Graz
2014 – 2015 Teaching assistant in the structural biology course “LU Strukturbiologie”, University of Graz
2014 Teaching assistant in the basic biochemistry lab course “Biochemische Übungen”, University of Graz

Oral & Poster presentations

07/2018 20th DocDay - NAWI Graz Doctoral Schools Molecular Biology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology, Graz, Austria, oral presentation
03/2018 Gordon Research Conference Photosensory Receptors and Signal Transduction, Barga, Italy, poster presentation
03/2018 Gordon Research Seminar Photosensory Receptors and Signal Transduction, Barga, Italy, oral presentation
06/2017 DK Molecular Enzymology Graduate Seminar 2017, oral presentation
09/ 2016 Retreat at Semmering 2016, Joint retreat with DK Biomolecular Technology of Proteins, Vienna, Semmering, Austria, poster presentation
09/ 2016 8th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting 2016, Graz, Austria, poster presentation
07/2016 16th Doc Day - NAWI Graz Doctoral School of Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology, Graz, Austria; poster presentation
01/2016 Gordon Research Conference 'Photosensory Receptors & Signal Transduction', Galveston, Texas, USA, poster presentation


06/2017 Best talk award, DK Graduate Seminar 2017

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