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Supervisor Student Discipline / University Project
Karl Gruber Michael Christian Hetmann Structural Biology/KFUG Computational analysis of flavo-enzyme structures
Karl Gruber   Structural Biology/KFUG The family of alpha-beta-hydrolase-domain containing proteins
Wolfgang Kroutil Lucas Hammerer Bioorganic Chemistry/KFUG Regioselective fatty acid hydroxylation
Peter Macheroux Reinmar Stefan Eggers Biochemistry/TUG Biochemical and physiological role of berberine bridge enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana
Peter Macheroux   Biochmistry/TUG Biochemical and structural characterisation of members of the berberine bridge enzyme family
Bernd Nidetzky Annika Borg Biotechnology/TUG/ EpiSwitch: the specificity of carbohydrate epimerases
Monika Oberer Lina Riegler-Berket Structural Biology/KFUG Structural and dynamics studies of monoacylglycerol lipase
Monika Oberer Christoph Pillip Structural Biology/KFU Key molecules in triglyceride metabolism
Monika Oberer Jörg Lichtenegger Structural Biology/KFU Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Different MGL’s
Stefan Schild Franz Zingl Microbiology/KFUG Physiology of Outer Membrane vesiculation
Stefan Schild Paul Kohl Microbiology/KFUG Membrane vesicles in microbe-host interactions
Stefan Schild Fabian Mitterer Microbiology/KFUG Surface structures in biofilm formation
Birgit Wiltschi Michael Lukesch Biotechnology/TUG Non-canonical amino acids as building blocks for synthetic enzymes: Designing new biocatalysts
Birgit Wiltschi Felix Tobola Biotechnology/TUG Tuning receptor-ligand interactions by the incorporation of non-canonical amino acids
Klaus Zangger Walter Becker / Structural characterization of the toxin-coregulated pilus H (TcpH) protein and the characterization of lipopolysaccharides by liquid state NMR.
Klaus Zangger Sebastian Tassoti Biotechnology/TUG/ NMR investigations of protein-ligand interactions in living cells
Ellen L. Zechner Maksym Kitsera Microbiology/KFUG Immunomodulatory and Antiproliferative Bioactivities of the Bacterial Secretome in Gastrointestinal Disease and Therapy--Role of bacterial signal molecules in cancer
Ellen L. Zechner Lisa Maria Pöltl Biochemistry/KFUG Effects of Klebsiella oxytoca metabolites on gastrointestinal disease
Rudolf Zechner Pia Benedikt Biochemistry/KFUG Investigating the molecular mechanisms driving adipose and muscle wasting in cancer associated cachexia

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