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Supervisor Student Discipline / University Project
Rolf Breinbauer Marko Kljajic Organic Chemistry/TUG Synthesis of small molecules for activity-based-protein-profiling of oxidoreductases
Günther Daum Martina Korber  Biochemistry/TUG Lipid storage and mobilization in the yeast
Kurt Faber Matthias Pickl Bioorganic Chemistry/KFUG Minimal substrates for enoyl-CoA hydratases
Karl Gruber Altijana Hromic Structural Biology/KFUG Substrate specificities and mechanisms of berberine bridge enzyme (BBE)
Karl Gruber Open Position 1 Structural Biology/KFUG Computational analysis of flavo-enzyme structures
Karl Gruber Open Position 2 Structural Biology/KFUG The family of alpha-beta-hydrolase-domain containing proteins
Sepp-Dieter Kohlwein Daniela Liebelt Biochemistry/ KFUG Yeast, obesity and cancer - novel roles for fatty acid signaling
Sepp-Dieter Kohlwein Florian Sarkleti Biochemistry/KFU The spatial organization of lipid metabolism
Wolfgang Kroutil Elisabeth Eger Bioorganic Chemistry/ KFUG Tuning a Mn(IIII)-dependent alkene converting enzyme for biocatalytic applications
Wolfgang Kroutil Open Position 3 Bioorganic Chemistry/KFUG Controlling the regio- and stereoselectivity of enzymatic C-H activation
Peter Macheroux Barbara Steiner Biochemistry/TUG Structural and biochemical characterization of berberine bridge enzymes from Arabidopsis thaliana
Peter Macheroux Eveline Brodl Biochemistry// TUG Structure-Function Relationships in Enzymes
Peter Macheroux Stefan  Etzl Biochemistry/TUG Structural and biochemical characterization of light-activated cyclases
Peter Macheroux Shalinee Jha Biochemistry/TUG Characterization of DPPIII knockout mice
Peter Macheroux Marina Toplak Biochemistry/TUG Functional roles of the berberine bridge enzyme family in Arabidopsis thaliana
Peter Macheroux Geoffrey Gourinchas / Structure Function Studies of Photoactivated Diguanylate Cyclases
Peter Macheroux Emilia Strandback / Biochemical characterization of naturally occurring variants of NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1
Peter Macheroux Open Position 4 Biochemistry/TUG Biochemical and physiological role of berberine bridge enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana
Peter Macheroux Open Position 5 Biochmistry/TUG Biochemical and structural characterisation of members of the berberine bridge enzyme family
Bernhard-Michael Mayer Christine Schwarzenegger Pharmacology/KFUG Enzymatic bioactivation of organic nitrates in blood vessels
Bernd Nidetzky Martin Pfeiffer Biotechnology/TUG Enzymes of natural product glycosylation
Bernd Nidetzky Open Position 11 Biotechnology/TUG/ Mechanism and mechanism-based engineering or carbohydrate epimerases
Bernd Nidetzky Open Position 12 Biotechnology/TUG/ Structure and function of carbohydrate-epimerizing enzymes
Monika Oberer Philipp Aschauer Structural Biology/KFU Structural Characterization of Monoglyceride Lipases
Monika Oberer Lina Riegler-Berket Structural Biology/KFUG Structural and dynamics studies of monoacylglycerol lipase
Monika Oberer Roland Viertlmayr Structural Biology/KFU Characterizing G0S2 - a novel protein inhibitor of ATGL
Monika Oberer Christoph Pillip Structural Biology/KFU Key molecules in triglyceride metabolism
Monika Oberer Lisa Wechselberger Structural Biology/KFUG ATGL Regulation based on Protein-Protein Interaction
Monika Oberer Krishna Mohan Padmanabha Das Structural Biology/KFUG Characterisation of intra- and extracellular lipases
Monika Oberer Jörg Lichtenegger Structural Biology/KFU Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Different MGL’s
Stefan Schild Katharina Preßler Microbiology/ KFUG Metabolic pathways of Vibrio cholerae and their impact on the transmission fitness of the bacterial pathogen
Stefan Schild Fatih Cakar Microbiology/KFUG Bacterial adaptation in response to environmental and host conditions
Stefan Schild Dina Vorkapic Microbiology/KFUG Characterization of enzymes involved in biofilm formation of Vibrio cholerae
Stefan Schild Franz Zingl Microbiology/KFUG Physiology of Outer Membrane vesiculation
Stefan Schild Open Position 6 Microbiology/KFUG Physiology of surface-associated structures of Gram negative pathogens
Stefan Schild Open Position 7 Microbiology/KFUG Immunomodulatory activities of membrane vesicles
Stefan Schild Open Position 8 Microbiology/KFUG Physiology of Biofilm-associated factors of Vibrio cholerae
Grit Daniela Straganz Johannes Niederhauser Biotechnology/TUG Nonheme-Iron Dioxygenases: From Structure-Function Relationships via Redesign towards Whole-Cell-Factories
Birgit Wiltschi Michael Lukesch Biotechnology/TUG Non-canonical amino acids as building blocks for synthetic enzymes: Designing new biocatalysts
Birgit Wiltschi Patrik Fladischer Biotechnology/TUG New translation systems for non-canonical amino acids
Birgit Wiltschi Felix Tobola Biotechnology/TUG Tuning receptor-ligand interactions by the incorporation of non-canonical amino acids
Klaus Zangger Chaitanya Bhattiprolu Krishna Structural Biology/KFUG Intrinsic disorder in bacterial protein-protein interactions studied by NMR spectroscopy
Klaus Zangger Walter Becker / Structural characterization of the toxin-coregulated pilus H (TcpH) protein and the characterization of lipopolysaccharides by liquid state NMR.
Ellen L. Zechner Katrin Unterhauser Microbiology/KFUG Mechanisms of Bacterial Cell-Cell and Cell-Host Communication
Ellen L. Zechner   Microbiology/KFUG Enzymes and cell surface structures involved in bacterial pathogenicity
Ellen L. Zechner Elisabeth Dornisch / Characterization of the molecular mechanisms of Klebsiella oxytoca cytotoxin tilivalline toxicity
Ellen L. Zechner Open Position 9 Microbiology/KFUG Immunomodulatory and Antiproliferative Bioactivities of the Bacterial Secretome in Gastrointestinal Disease and Therapy--Role of bacterial signal molecules in cancer
Rudolf Zechner Ursula Feiler Biochemistry/KFUG Identification of cachexia-inducing factors
Rudolf Zechner Hao Xie / Molecular mechanisms that regulate lipolysis in cancer cachexia
Rudolf Zechner Pia Benedikt Biochemistry/KFUG Investigating the molecular mechanisms driving adipose and muscle wasting in cancer associated cachexia
Robert Zimmermann Maria Anna Pribasnig Biochemistry/KFUG Functional characterization of alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins
Robert Zimmermann Open Position 10 Biochemistry/KFUG Metabolism of Bis(monoacylglycero)phosphate

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