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10th DocDay at University of Graz, on July 12th 2013

published on Jul 12 2013

TU: Elisa Lanfranchi, Kamila Napora-Wijatal
KFU: Horst Lechner, Michael Tösch

invited Guest speakers:

  • Martina Pohl, Institute of Bio- and Geosciences, IBG-1: Biotechnology Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich: “A toolbox for biocatalytic C-C-bond formation”

  • Andreas Vogel, c-LEcta GmbH, Leipzig, Germany: “Enzyme engineering strategies for the preparation of industrial enzymes”

    Time /Place:
    Friday 12th of July 2013

    University of Graz: Willi-Gaisch-Hörsaal, Universitätsplatz 6, HS 06.01

    You will find many interesting talks (10th DocDay program) and interesting posters

    please register at TUonline or UGonline !! And please don’t forget to sign up on the attendance list at the 10th of July!

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