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17th Doc Day 2017-02-03
Joint DK Meeting 2016Semmering2016-09-292016-09-30
RETREAT AT SEMMERING 2016 DK Molecular Enzymology (Graz) and the DK Biomolecular Technology of Proteins (Vienna) Gand Hotel Panhans, Semmering2016-09-292016-09-30
16th Doc DayKFU Graz Universitätsplatz 1 HS03.01 2016-07-07
Lange Nacht der Forschung 20162016-04-22
Student interviews 2016Humboldstr. 482016-04-04
15th Doc DayTU Graz, lecture hall HS H, Koperikusgasse 242016-02-05
Graduate Seminar 2016Hotel Weitzer, Graz2016-01-07
14th Doc Day KFU Graz Universitätsplatz 1 HS03.01 2015-07-20
Graduate Seminar 2015Hotel Weitzer, Graz2015-05-11
Student interviews 2015Humboldstr. 482015-04-17
13th Doc DayTechnical University of Graz, Instiut of Chemistry2015-02-06
Graduate Seminar 20142014-05-27
Graduate Seminar 2013 Humboldtstr. 46, lecture hall 46.01, Friday April 12th, 08:50 a.m. 2013-04-12
DK seminar Randy Levinson “Bench to Editorial: One Option for Alternative Careers in Science“Humboldtstrasse 48, SR 44.22, April 9th 11:00 a.m. 2013-04-09
Guest lecture Randy Levinson Navigating the Publishing Process at High-Impact JournalsHumboldtstr. 46, lecture hall 46.01, Monday April 8th, 11:00 a.m 2013-04-08
9th DocDay ; Friday Febrauary 8th [info]2013-01-28
ENZYMES and SIGNALS a research summit of the DK Molecuar Enzymology and the DK Molecuar Mechanisms of cell signalingUniversitätsplatz 3, University of Graz, AULA2012-12-102012-12-11
Talk: "SAXS/WAXS from molecular dynamics simulations: Towards atomic-resolution structures from solution scattering experiments"Oct. 22nd, 05:00 p.m. Seminarraum SR 45.31 (ZMB, Humboldtstr. 50, 3. Stock, Graz)2012-10-22
DK orientation meeting FP3Oct 18th, 6:30 p.m. Humboldtstrasse 562012-10-18
NAWI Graz dayAlte Universität, Hofgasse 14; start 1p.m [info]2012-10-02
Biophysical Aspects of TYPE IV SecretionBilbao, Spain2012-09-172012-09-23
ÖGMBT JahrestagungTechnische Unversität,Petersgasse 16 [info]2012-09-172012-09-19
8th DocDayHumboldtstrasse 46, HS44.112012-07-13
Guest lecture of Prof Dr. Mario Feldman "Shedding some light on OMVs (Obscure Membrane Vesicles)" Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Humboldtstrasse 50/1 SR 45.212012-06-06
Graduate Seminar 2012Hotel Paradies, Strassgangerstrasse 380b, 8054 Graz2012-05-212012-05-22
Lange Nacht der Forschung2012-04-27
MECP12 conferenceGraz [info]2012-04-102012-04-13
On sabbatical at the TU:
Fulbright Professor Dr. Edina Harsay
Lectures about biochemisty and cell biology
TU, Petersgasse122012-03-012012-06-30
7th Doc DayTU Graz2012-02-06
Gordon Research Conferences 2012 [info]2012-01-012012-12-31
DK-Alumni and Orientation meetingHumboldstasse 48 SR 44.21 4:30p.m2011-12-09
ÖGMBT sponsored Seminar: Institute of Molecular Biosciences presents: Prof. Dr. Karl Klose (University Texas San Antonio, USA),Title: "Vibrio cholerae flagellar synthesis and virulence"Humboldstraße 48; SR 44.22; time:16:302011-10-31
Summer School "Scientific writing" 647.501Humboldstraße 48, SR 44.21 and SR 44.222011-09-062011-09-07(click here)
Guest lecture by Dr. Leslie Poole; Department of Biochemistry, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, USA, Peroxiredoxins and cysteine oxidation in cellular defense and signalingUniversitaetsplatz 2, HS 02.01; 10.a.m.2011-09-01
Guest lecture Dr. Elisabeth Grohmann; “Enzyme modulation of conjugative coupling proteins from Gram-positive bacteria“Humbodtstrasse 50/3, SR45.31 12 a.m.2011-07-29
DocDay 6Humboldstraße 48, HS 44.112011-07-15
Minisymposium: Synthetic BiotechnologyPetersgasse 12, lecture hall E3.1; start 10:15a.m. [info]2011-07-04
Student Interviews 2011ZMB, Humboldtstrasse 48, 8010 Graz2011-05-052011-05-06
Graduate Seminar 2011Meerscheinschlössl Mozartgassse, 8010 Graz2011-03-242011-03-25
Doc Day 5Stremayrgasse 9, 8010 Graz2011-02-04
FWF HearingVienna2011-01-12
DK Evaluation HearingHaus der Forschung, 1090 Vienna2011-01-12(click here)
Summer School "Applied Bioinformatics" 647.501HS "Touaillon" Mozartgasse 14, Ground floor2010-09-202010-09-24
Doc Day IVHS 44.11 Humboldtstrasse 48/12010-07-09
Reserach 2010Stadthalle Graz [info]2010-06-112010-06-12
Graduate seminar 2010Austria Trend Resort Loipersdorf [info]2010-04-222010-04-23
Student Interviews 2010Humboldtstrasse 48, 2nd floor2010-03-252010-03-26
3rd International Symposium on Lipid and Membrane Biology Meerscheinschlössl, Mozartgasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria [info]2010-03-182010-03-20
Janet Vonck: "Fatty acid synthase: insights by cryo-electron microscopy"SR 44.22, Humboldtstr. 48/II2010-03-11
Lecture Prof. Kerstin PalmHumboldtstr. 48, 8010 Graz, SR 44.212009-11-20
7th Euro Fed Lipid CongressCongress, Albrechtgasse 1, 8010 Graz [info]2009-10-182009-10-21
Thesis defense Aleksandra AndryushkovaPetersgasse 14, SR Ground floor2009-09-07
Thesis defense Maria FreigassnerPeetrsgasse 14, Ground Floor2009-07-27
Thesis defense Christiane GödlPetersgasse 12, 1st floor2009-01-30
Welcome lunch 2009Humboldtstrasse 50, 1st floor2009-01-13
Student interviews 2008Seminarhotel Paradies, Strassgangerstraße 380b, 8054 Graz [info]2008-05-292008-05-30
Graduate Seminar 2008Seminarhotel Paradies, Strassgangerstraße 380b, 8054 Graz [info]2008-04-182008-04-19
DK Summer schoolBildungszentrum Raiffeisenhof, Krottendorferstraße 81, 8020 Graz [info]2007-09-242007-09-28
Graduate seminar 2007Seminarhotel Paradies, Strassgangerstraße 380b, 8054 Graz [info]2007-05-032007-05-04(click here)
Student interviews 2006Seggau Castle [info]2006-05-052006-05-06(click here)
Graduate Seminar 2006Seggau castle [info]2006-05-032006-05-04(click here)
City Hall ReceptionCity Hall, Hauptpl. 1, 2nd floor2006-02-06
Christmas PartyRESOWI Cafeteria, Universitätsstr. 152005-12-16
Training seminarUB KFU Graz, Universitätsplatz 32005-12-05
Kick-off MeetingAula TUGraz, Rechbauerstr. 122005-11-07(click here)
City walkStart at Universitätsplatz 1, Graz2005-10-07(click here)
Welcome PartyAdi's Heuriger2005-10-07(click here)
Student interviews 2005Seggau castle2005-04-222005-04-24

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